Hunting the sliver fish



Hunting the Soboor  fish


The rescue treatment in our front astonished every one. The rescue was an old man whose obligation was to help the wounded soldiers . When he was not engaged  he left the trolley and went to the bank of the river quickly(the name of the river was Karoon). This part of river was a branch of the original Great Arvand river, and parted the palm trees and was moving the the palm trees like arteries.

The enemy gunshot landed around us and exploited. When a gunshot or cartridge blasted in the river, something like mushroom was formed , splashed the water of the river and caused some fish overshot out of the water.

We were a group of volunteer forces who defended the firing line near a river which belongs to the south  provinces of Iran.  We wee  not far from the enemy(the Iraqis). They were on the other side of the river, and settled in front of us. Our distance to our enemy was only the width of the river, so we must be very carefull. But the rescue  was care free. He did his own business and did not listen to our caution utters. He also didno care about the enemy and left them to work out.

The Iraqis did not understand what the old man was doing and they were confused because his behavior was confusing,

. The old man went to the bank of the river and hid himself among the reedy. He sometimes looked at the enemy very carefully.

 On the other hand , if we did not disturb the enemy they did not do anything. They did not want to get into trouble themselves because they did not forget our last recompense and their  failour. BESIDES THEY COULDNOT RECONSTRUCT THEIR FORTIFICATION after our last raid. THEY KNEW IF THEY SHOT A BULLET WE WOULD RESPONSE THEM AND WOUKD BREAK THEIR DEFENCE LINE

The rescue went up and down near the bank of the river and threw the fish  in the water which was out of the river because of the blast. He said loudly:why the enemy has invaded the fish and kil lthese innocent creatures.They invaded our country and are fighting with us , they shoul not fight with the fish.

We heard the voice of Iraqis. The old man fixation and care led the otheras to be merciful to the fish. If the old rescue didnot  see any fish he was mentioned by the other soldiers. Some times he treated the wounded fish and very quietly he put it in the water.

After 7 days of being in that war place, we considered that the number of casualities  were equal to the saved fish. The front was calm. Some times  astray bullets landed around us.

One day after oraying and lunching we were resting uin our fortifications as the enemy’s artillery began. The old rescue helped the soldiers.  He filled the gunny full of soil and put them near the trench. IF A BULLET EXPLOITED IN THE WATER, HE LEFT THE GUNNY  and ran toward the river to save the  outside fish and put it in the water.

One of the combatant astonishing the old man’s treatment shouted and said,” what’s wrong with  O crazy man.”

The old man sat behind the reedy with half raised manner and looked around, The water and clay  was falling on us like  rainfall. Falling of water and clay on tin-plate caused a harmonious music, but the water did not fall on the fish. The river was calm and stream of it goes down beautifully. After a while  there was no noise. We were in a conditional situatation about the fish position. We looked at the fish. Whenever the blast did not throw the any fish out of the river , we got on our business. There was silence everywhere.

I was cleaning my gun; it was a plunder one . I looked at its date, it wasnot very old , It was made in 1986.After a while  the crackle among the dried branches of a palm tree attracted our sight. The old rescue paid attention to the tree very carefully, a siver fish;namely”Soubboor” was engaged among the branches of the tree because of the last blast. The sun reflected the beautiful silver scale of the fish.It was an unexpected event; we wondered what the old man was doing. We wondered what should be done.

The old man raised and looked at the tree very carefully and touched the skin of the tree with his hands.He found a proper place for climbing up the tree . The soldiers shouted’”what  are you doing o old man? The enemy will see you and will shoot at all o f us “ But he did not care and continued his climbing up . He was a bony and very agile old man.

He reached the middle of the tree and nothing happened because of the reed hid him, but when the reed were finished the enemy soldiers could see him.

The barrage of the enemy began. The old man hid himself behind the stem of that big tree. The fish was moving among the dried leaves ans branches of the big tree.

All Iranian  soldiers were lookin g at him at this stage surprisingly.  Suddenly the old man pointed to us and said,” why do you stand there and merely look at me/ fire the enemy and make them busy. “

NOW WE KNEW  what we should do. After arranging our soldiers in front of the enemy , the Iraqis understood that they could do nothing and they did not fire anymore. The old man tookj oppourtunity and climbed up higher.

Once again the enemy fired resently and this time  they shot both the old man amd the silver fieh. They also fired us and there was a serious battle.

The barrage hit the dried body of the palm tree and the fragments fell around us. We were hopeless and similar to the branches and leaves of the tree.

We prepared our guns  and fired the Iraqis. The other soldiers whe were close to us helped me and there was again a serious battle field over there. It was a b attle for saving the silver fish and the old man. While we were fighting the enemy we looked at the old man , climbing up the palm tree that was not pruned for more than 5 years. Climbing up an old a nd dried tree for an amature old man was very difficult , but he did his best.

When he reached the top of the tree and near the fish the enemy fired him and the fish but the old man glided down while the silver fish was in his hand. His sleeve went up and the skin of his hand dragged on the coarse skin of the tree and wounded. He grabbed the tree braches and looked down. It seemed that a little  baby stuck to his mother bosom.

We heard the voice of the Iraqis who were talking in their mother tongue and it seemed they lost their temper. Why were they shooting an innocent fish?

. We din not know.What was the sin of a fish?

When the old man reached the top of the tree he took the fish and victoriously carried it  to the down of the tree. The sun reflected the fishscale in the weather ,out of the river, and the reflex hit our eyes. It was really beautiful. The fish turned  and fellinto the river :”Splash”.

IT SEEMED THAT THE ENEMY LOST one of the important city. They were losing their temper and did not care  which direction they are firing. It was because of their losing the treanch. They did not care the old man and did not shoot him.

We fired the  enemy ; a cloud of hot lead covered them, it was like rainfall and they did not fire anymore.

After a while , tranquil covered eveywhwere and smoke was seen  because of the gun powder. We did not see the enemy anymore.

We went to the old man and sat beside him and slowly we bandaged his wonded hand. We looked at him honourly but he was waiting for next blast in the river.

The fish in this event is called “Soubboor” in Iran. It leaves in south of Iran and in the Persian Golf.

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